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RedLine Synthetic Oil...


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I use this stuff in my gearbox and drive unit. Seems to work just fine.


Can't offer any opinion on how it might work in the engine, but I have to assume that it will do the job. I don't know what "clearances" would be different on a BMW vs. any other bike.


Let us know if your engine poops out because of it.


Good Luck

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I've used the 10w-40 Redline in my K75s engine seems to work fine, especially in hot weather. The Red Line gear oil seemed to smooth out the transmission a bit, but in the differential It started to leak at about 50k miles with the Red Line. Can't say the leak was due to the synthetics but other people have related the same thing after they switched to synthetics in the final drive.


You can buy Red Line in bulk and get the cost down to about $5 a quart. A 16 gallon barrel runs about $325.


I live about 1 1/2 hours from where they make the stuff so I don't pay any shipping. clap.gif

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