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Computer trouble

Urban Surfer

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Not the definitive answer but I get the black out line and little red blocks often too. I think it's more the senders goof rather than our fault.

Or Windows hates us and won't let us participate. :grin:

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When people, or services, move a picture from where it originally was... you get the block with the little red x.


Translated into windows speak... "I can't find, or get to, the place where the picture supposedly is found so I can display it here."




In our home, we use a very restrictive internet filtering service (BSafe if anyone is interested) and it restricts access to MOST picture archives. So, many ride report and other photos posted here on or on any group I visit are mostly blocked.


:( Some day, I'd like to see more of the photos from more of the ride reports and such. (My issue for having filtering, not the posters.)

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