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Kisan Charge-Guard, observations and question


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I have a Kisan Charge-Guard which reads battery condition, voltage draw, air temperature, etc.It works well but has some features that are a nusiance. For example, it is mounted on the dash of my R1150RT and to change the mode from "battery condition" which is the default sreen, you have to press the "mode" button. Now this thing is about 8" from the handle bar grip, so you have to release the grip,reach 8" and with a gloved finger tip, try to press the "mode" botton at interstate speeds. Most of the time, it takes six pokes to activate the "mode"button.I would like to find something similar to the Kisan with multiple display windows so that all of the information is displayed all of the time or, perhaps, find a way to make the display "roll" and dwell on each display for say, 5-10 seconds. Any electronicgurus who can tell me if this is possible.


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