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Oil filter


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It's a common wrench size for automobile filters, so there are probably many.


For the two filters I've tried that fit the bike, Mobil 1 fits the same wrench, but NAPA Gold does not.


Of course you can take your wrench with you to the autoparts store when you're shopping for a filter.

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of course you saw the sticky with all the parts at the top of the list?

i found going to autoparts place (with my filter wrench/socket thingee) and the list was problematic they had some of the filters on the list but did not work w. the wrench. i walked away empty handed (well except for the autolite sparkplugs). i went to a honda motorcylce shop and they easily found me a filter for 10$ instead of 30$, that had the correct flute pattern.


the local bmw dealer (who also does Kawi) only seems to have the bmw filter. i bought one once and can say it seems superior - more hefty- and the fit of the wrench is very nice. the fit is important for removal - needs to be good fit as for some reason filters go on loose but come off tight.


the point: not the end of the world if you do buy from dealer. time hunting for a filter is money too. the filter is very recessed once installed and you dont want the old one getting stuck in there due to lack of a good fit on the wrench. peace of mind and making job easy also have worth. you could buy a cheap filter and a new wrench for less money than the bmw filter but i have not had good luck with the cheap plastic wrenches. i have only done 2 oil changes on this bike so experts may wade in with more/better opinions. cheers.


oh and :thumbsup:

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It would help to know your model and year, but Beemerboneyard sells Bosch filters http://www.beemerboneyard.com/oilfilters.html which are an exact fit. I've been using them on my RT and on the wife's R for some time now. A pack of six goes for about $45, or roughly what two OEM filters would cost. I have not seen anything negative about Bosch oil filter quality vs. OEM, so I see it as a good place to save some $$$.



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The Purolator L10241 oil filter seems to be good quality among the cheapo filters (+/- $3.00) and fits the stock BMW filter wrench.

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