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spline play


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While doing a service on my 01 r1100s I decided to pull the strater to have a look at the spines, I never had looked before. The bike has 31,000 on it. The splines looked ok but you cant see the part you need to, by rocking the wheel back and forth I could see some play but not very much maybe 1 or 2mm at most. Is there normaly a little play or are they absolutlly tight when new?.

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1mm or even 2 is pretty hard to see via a terrible line of sight like the starter hole.

If one part is moving before the other then it's not a really good sign.

It usually looks pretty obvious when it's about to go.

You may have some precursors to wear progression. If you are ambitious enough going in and tearing it apart will show where you are really at in the wear...


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Thanks for the vid J. Thank goodness mine is no where near that much. Mine is probibly less than the width of one of the teeth on the spline. I think I might tear it down for greaseing this winter. Thanks again, bete.

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