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Side case mounts ever break??


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Just curious if anyone has had (or heard of) a problem with the mounting "hooks" on the R1150RT side cases ever cracking or breaking off. I'm careful not to overload mine with too much weight, but looking at them, I can't see how they would be easily fixed if they cracked or broke off. Is there a metal "rebar" support in amongst the composite material? TIA :wave:

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I broke one of those plastic hooks off when I hit a large pot hole in Mexico. It's possible that the case was not sitting properly. I also bent both rims,


I replaced the back of the case, kept the lid and locking system.

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The only time I've ever heard of them breaking is due to an accident.





GT knocked over by an R1100 S which was pushed into it by a minvan.

All the bikes were legally parked. :dopeslap:

Luggage rail on the landing side (opposite direction of push) broke.

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I've broken the cast alloy hook twice when the bike got knocked over, first time I paid the €120.00 for a complete locking mechanism, second time I put a screw through the plastic to keep the case in place

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Haven't broken the bracket hooks yet, but my starboard extra-large lid cracked along the length of the rubbing strake when a Lexus SUV pushed my bike over.


Also, the little plastic bracket on the inside of the lid that the lid-retaining strap snaps into broke. Several attemps to repair and beef it up have failed so I've had to jury-rig some bungy straps to the inside of the lid to stop it from hitting the ground when I load up.



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