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Plastic on Exhaust


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Well, let me tell you a story first. I built a total custom bike once, and on the first ride a plastic bag was blown arcoss the intersection where I was stopped. I watched it drift over to me and stick to my very hot and very new exhaust pipe. Bummer.


Now with that as a preview let me tell you to proceed very cautiously. The finish on the muffler is softer than you think and once scratched it will never be "original" again. Even chrome polish is too harsh. Semichrome is really rough, Flitz is less so but still harsh Peek is the least rough but still leaves marks.


Start with some non abrasive substance. Maybe alcohol or mineral sprits or acetone, being mindful of the safety warnings and all.


Good luck. No doubt some others will chime in but my main message is no abrasives at all until you are certain it will not damage your muffler. Take it off and work on it on the bench. That way you can experiment on a portion that is out of sight.

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WD-40 and gently scraping with an old credit card or fingernail.




Take your time.

I don't remember if I heated the pipe or not. :dopeslap:

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