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G 450 X


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Anyone heard or seen much about the 450 in the US? I was at a desert race over the weekend and noticed some folks in BMW of Ventura jackets. They used to have one or two 650's they sponsord but I had not seen them for the last few races. We asked if they had a bike in the race and they said yes... It was a Honda CR 500. Thought it was odd that they were supporting a Honda and I didn't see any BMW'S. I am looking to get a bike to race on at team race events (read this as races longer then 250 miles) and was looking at the Kawi KLX450R but if the BMW runs good I might consider it.

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My local dealer was offering a test ride according to the mailer I received. I saw the 450 parked by their doors, but was too busy to stop and see it at the time.



You can read about it HERE

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I was told the rear wheel pivots at the front sprocket, eliminating changes in chain tension with suspension movement, and thereby reducing need for chain adjustment and the possibility of a broken chain... But since I can't get a leg over it, it's all moot to me.

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