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Basic aux light electrical wiring question


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I managed to put a switched fuse block into my RT which has miraculously functioned flawlessly since installing a couple of years ago. I only run a gerbings power cord and autocom power lead off this as of now. I am considering adding HID aux lighting. The STOOPID questions:


If one were to desire running the HID aux lights all the time, could one just wire direct to the fuse block?


Would you need to have a separate relay for the aux lights (the fuse block I would be connecting to already has one)?


Said fuse block is tied to keyed power via a relay and is fuse protected to battery so key on=fuse block on.


what spec would you look at on the aux lights to determine proper fuse for said lights?





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There will be some that say to run seperate relay but for two HIDs at 35W each, I think your fuse block would be fine. If running seperately, a 10 amp fuse would be adequate.

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