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Visiting the Polygamists


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Yesterday I hopped on my motorcycle and headed south with the goal of visiting Hildale UT and Colorado City, AZ.


Five hours later, I was sitting at a picnic table behind the dairy in Colorado City. At the table next to me was a mother who had shown up with 12 children. One boy rode a small horse, one rode a pony, 3 little girls arrived in the back of a black plastic wagon pulled by another child. 2 more rode in a little red wagon pulled by a child. Another girl pushed a stoller containing a todler and one young lady walked.


All of them were eating ice cream cones and stealing glances at me. Actually, the younger ones stared at me. One of the girls seemed to be about 8 years old. She had glasses and red hair in the same style as her mother - long, with one pony tail. She kept smiling at me and saying "hi", while doing the little "hi" motion with her hand.


Later, I explored the dirt roads that run around the neighborhood. At several houses, children hurried out to see my motorcycle, most of them peering above or around fences or from behind the fenders of cars. One boy asked "how fast does your motorcyle go?" Another kept yelling "I'm Sam!"


The adults, on the other hand, were very uncomfortable with my presence. The men looked like typical farmers. If I were to see them in any other setting it would not occur to me that they are polygamists. The women all had pastel dresses and the typical hairstyle - poofy in front and one long ponytail in back. With the exception of the young woman running the dairy cash register, they would not look me in the eye.


Another bunch of kids stared at me and then waved as I put on my electric vest, sweatshirt, jacket, helmet and gloves and headed back into the desert on my way back to SLC.



On the way to the Utah/Arizona border






Some other stuff I saw on my way home



Looks like propellers for a wind power plant




Here's more information on the polygamists in Hildale and Colorado City:




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I've often wondered if the variety of having multiple sex partners would be worth the headache of another woman griping at me for everything. I can't imagine having to catch crap from TWO women when I come home from a motorcycle ride.

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You wouldn't catch crap because the women aren't allowed to give it. They're fundamentalists and the women are very oppressed, from a modern western world perspective.

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