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renewed love affair


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At 108,000 miles my Russell Daylong was getting threadbare, several seams gave way. I was just ready to send it in to Russellbk for a tuneup.

Instead, I gave it to a friend who does Auto seats to see what he thought, He called this a.m. and suggested I stop by. Wow, After removing the cover he found that one of the springs had come loose which he retighten, renewed the seams, which tighten the leather that had streched. He did wonders for the saddle and the sweet spot is back.

Tomorrow I ride with a new lease on my butt

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"Tomorrow I ride with a new lease on my butt"


I hope you got an option to buy, or at least right of first refusal.

Would hate to see you (literally :grin:) if not.

Enjoy the new saddle feeling.

Best wishes. :wave:

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Rode a couple hunred miles today and came to the conclusion that new foam would be nice..... But it wasn't a problem, and I will continue to use it the way it is.

Amazing, that a saddle with that many miles and just a little TLC gives such great service..

The fellow who did the work said it was a pleasure to work on an interesting saddle and that if he can continue to use my tire changer there is no charge for the labor.

Yeah Baby, an Thanks to Russell Daylong for a fine product

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