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Unidentified rusting object


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I think it is an R25 with an un-original coffee can tail light.


I'm not sure about the originality of the gas tank or tail pipe either. Probably a denfield rack. The seat is not original and neither are the ape hangers. :/



My 1959 R26.




Note the flared front fender and plunger suspension on the Greek Bike, indicating an early to mid-50's single.


The R25 originally had the rubber saddle like I have on the R26. I believe that BMW went to the coffee can style tail light in about 1958. The luggage racks appear to be the same, although I've never seen one mounted right behind a solo saddle.


You will also note that the spark plugs are on opposite sides of the engine. Your Greek bike might have a later engine in it as well as the other mods.


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I suspect it is earlier than the R25 - probably an R24. The 'plunger' type rear suspension puts it into the early to mid 50s.



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That's some beautiful bike you have there Bullett. Bravo!


So, from what you are saying I'd conclude that what we may have here is an original, classy bike that has simply given up after too many botched cosmetic surgeries. Some people just have no sense of propriety. :cry:

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The R25 shown is not mine.


My R26 is a bit rough looking, but she runs. (and starts on the first kick :Cool: ) She'll be getting a few spa treatments this winter and see if she can't get herself spruced up a bit.

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Looks like a 1954 or later R25/3 could even be an R26 going by the tail light. It has the full brake hubs and telescopic front suspension without the rubber bellows at the bottom. I hear there are still quite a few BMW "thumpers" in Greece. Most are well used though, just like the one in your picture.


My first BMW was a '51 R25/2 which had the half drums front and rear and the neutral lever on the right side of the transmission. You couldn't kill those old machines. Top speed was about 110 km/h. I just bought a '62 R27. Looking forward to getting it here. It's in Connecticut. About a nine hour drive from here. Looking for a reasonable transport company.


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Nice bike Sharon. Those old singles are still pure motorcycle. No frills, just good ol'e reliability. And it gets you there even if it is a little slower. Less chance of a ticket.


On my R1200RT I am always afraid to get caught in a speed trap. Here at 30m/h over, your bike or car gets confiscated and license is gone for a week. Who can ride at 80 or a 100km/h ? It's hard to do.


Good luck with that machine.



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