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A trip to Salisbury


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I've had the week off work [ next week too ] , to keep an eye on SWMBO who is recovering from a recent op [ suffice to say it would make any man wince ] .

As she is unable to drive , I've been taking her out in the car , or rather , trying to , but the weather has us thwarted as we've had nothing but grey days beset with pouring rain and fog - we did manage one short trip out to Marlborough , but I didn't take the camera as it was so dull .

Yesterday , there was a slight respite , so we went to Salisbury for a look around - the weather was changeable to say the least , but I did manage to sneak some outdoor photos when the sun came out , and took some more inside the very impressive cathedral , built 750 years ago - what a place - I can highly recommend a visit if you get the opportunity .


Some photos .......



As an aside , the route I took is now earmarked for a return on the bike , some nice roads and scenery along the way too .




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SOOOOOO many beautiful things to see in this world of ours. Been ages since I visited Salisbury! Thanks for sharing and best wishes to your lady !!!

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I remember seeing a crypt (or whatever it's called) with a date of 12xx on it... seeing that kind of put history in perspective for someone who lives on a continent that wasn't even known to western civilization until centuries later.

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