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Helmet holder for 2001 RT


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I was looking for a place to put a helmet lock on the RT (still looking) and noticed in the owners manual on page 5 ther is an arrow pointing to something just above the right side case and it is called a helmet hanger. I am still new to this bike, but I can not figure out what this is referring to. I looked under the seat and around the area and see nothing that looks like a place to lock or hang a helmet. Can anyone guide me on this or suggest a place on the RT to put a helmet lock? Thanks.

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The "helmet hangar" is a hook (one each side) under the rear seat. It is used in conjunction with a thin wire rope that has a loop in each end. One loop goes over the hook, the other end through the helmet d-ring or chin piece then back over the hook. With the rear seat in place the helmet is securred. ISTR the rope was in the tool roll on my first RT but not my current one.



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You can buy a Helmet Lock for BMW Saddle Bags. Here is what they say about them and the link where you can buy them. I got mine at my local BMW dealer for the same price.


"Finally, a place where your helmet can be safely stored! No danger of scuffing paint. Secure enough to allow riding with a helmet attached. No more bird droppings or rain inside your helmet. No danger of helmet falling off. No extra keys - uses your own ignition/luggage key. Can be stored under system case handle."



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Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, the previous owner of my bike disabled the locks one bags so he could get in without the key. If I ever get these repaired then this would be a good helmet lock solution for me.

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