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Shipping a Bike - service recommendation


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I need to ship a bike from California to North Carolina in December. I would appreciate any suggestions on services that do the shipping and any other general thoughts the forum may have.

Thanks for your assistance.



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I had a great experience with Eagle One Express, they also had a very reasonable price.




One work of caution, it's best to deal with reputable shipping companies that acutally pick up and deliver bikes themselves.


Avoid the brokers who arrange for others to deliver the bike. there is no accurate date for when the bike will be picked up or who will do the job. I used a broker once, waited a month until they finally found a driver who ended up being a no-show. I ended up cancelling their service (lost my non-refundable deposit) and drove 1000 miles to get the bike myself !

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HaulBikes ...




That's their nice rig and my F650 being loaded by the driver on its first leg of a round trip to Missoula from Phx and back. Great service and competitive pricing.

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