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Roadsmart smarts


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So I'm about to mount my first Roadsmart tire on the rear of my RT & need assistance in determining the heavy or light spot.

I found a yellow dot and a white triangle on the side-wall.


Anyone know what these marks mean?


Also what pressure are you running?


With Z6's, I ran 40/42.


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I run 36 in the front and 38 in the rear. I feel that the higher tire pressures lead to a harsh ride and loss of traction. At these pressures I am getting close to 6000 miles on a set of tires. Well that is except for "Larry's Ride" with the Peninsula Red Riders. I only got 2100 miles but there was a high smile to the mile count.





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Thanks Stefan.

Not sure if that applies to Dunlop's but I went ahead & installed it yellow dot to the heavy rim spot.

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Hey Todd, are you running RoadSmarts on the KS?


On my KS rear, the least miles down to the cords was about 2.5K using a M1.

The best was about 4k (to the cords) on a CT2.


In contrast to that, the (rear) Z-6 that I just changed out today on my RT is a few hundred short of 13k.


Different bike & lately different riding style :(

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