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What months of the year are you riding your GS?


What months of the year are you riding your motorcycle?  

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Hello Everyone,


So far, my BMW R1200GS has been great to ride (but of course!). I bought the bike because of it's ability to handle both on and off road situations, and because it's a quality motorcycle. However, I also bought the bike because I'm thinking about riding it almost year around (I can't ride in the snow, but every other month).


I was wondering if you are riding your GS year around (what months) and what you would recommend for someone that has not (yet). Please be advised that I have asked this question elsewhere. The more information the better.


If you have pic's, please include.




Thank You,




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I don't have a GS . . . yet (a 650 GS twin with my name on it may be on the boat soon, its out of production now :grin: ), but I have ridden my RT at least once every month of the year except February.

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I ride out of Atlanta and I think location will determine when you ride more than which bike you have.


I ride very little in July and August and when I do it's pre-sunrise departures and home by 1:00 at the latest. I ride the higher elevations during the warmer months.


When it's above freezing I leave later and ride lower elevation areas. I will say the GS has less protection than an RT, so it's not as good in the really cold days.


My favorite times to ride are early fall (before the leaves fall) and late spring (after the sand/gravel are gone).


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Bullet beat me to it!! I don't have my F650GS yet but I voted December because I was told it would be here then and YES I am going to ride it no matter the weather!!!! :clap:

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A motorcycle has been my primary transportation for about 5 years, so if it isn't snowing, icy, way below freezing or gale-force windy, I'll be making my 28-mile commute and running light errands on 2 wheels. I do have some 4-wheelers to fall back on.

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I don't have a GS(KTM 950 ADV), but I have not owned a caged in over a year.


I may have to get one just to pull my trailer to track days.



I live in South Tejas.







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In the Mid-Atlantic you can ride every month but in Dec/Jan/Feb there will be days when the roads are too messy with ice/slush/salt. I still usually manage about 1.000 miles in each of those month.

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I ride year round as I have homes in Indiana, New Mexico, and Arizona. So there is actually no excuse for me for not riding somewhere any day of the year.

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Dave in Doodah

I never check the calendar when I ride - if the streets are clear of snow or ice, I like to ride. For long distances I will do a little homework on the weather channel, but need to look into getting some appropriate/heated gear.


I suspect you will see your survey pretty much pegged for every month - especially with this crowd of fanatics... :thumbsup:

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I ride year round in centrail Il. Suggestions:

Gerbings heated clothes wired directly to battery, not thru accesory port. In my opinion the heated jacket liner is better than just a vest and is the warmest heated clothing I have ever used; YOu can also get pants liners, and even heated socks/ gloves.

A thin film of dishsoap on the inside of the visor will help with fogging.

Watch out for black ice- ice u cant see. i dont know what makes it black other than road grime, but it blends in with the road so u dont see it till u hit it. Even on nice clear winter days with no snow, you still have to be careful about ice.

Heated seat is nice, but Id rather have the heated jacket/pants liners running instead of the seat

Salt can corrode, esp the exhaust which is so exposed. Dont have to clean the bike after every ride, but a quick rinse of the lower/dirtier parts may not hurt.

Layered clothing: first layer,get the underarmour thermal liners that the athletes/skiers/mountain climbers wear for an insulating layer. They wick perspiration away from your skin so you dont feel clammy, and yes u can sweat even when its 20 degrees.; second layer a fleece layer for warmth; third layer your heated clothing which also acts as a wind barrier; and then your outer protective layer/ riding jacket/ aerostich. By varying the amount of layers, I can ride down into the teens as long as no ice. I dont usually need the heated gear until its in the low 40s; alternatively, leave out the fleece and turn up the heat. Most effective layers are the thermals and obviously the riding jacket. Baclava for your head and face. Thin ones fit under my helmet. thicker ones I have a larger helmet for winter.

In really cold climeates, may have to go to a different weight of engine oil,

Tom Dowell, and aeroflow make "wind wings" that u can put on the bike to make a mini fairing for the sides of the GS to help block some of the wind when its colder out. Easily removeable, and both versions work pretty well.

Higher windscreen helps when its cold also Cee Bailey, Aeroflow, and Z-technic alll make aftermarket screens in various sizes. I switch mine out taller for winter, shorter for summer.

Gas mileage MPG will be noticelably lower because gas burns less efficiently when its cold.

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Dave in Doodah

That is some great info, sjn7708, thanks. And it just so happens I am tuned into the most recent episode of Side Stand Up radio show and hearing all about Gerbing's as I type. I took a short ride last night in my trusty old leather jacket with snap in liner, about 60 miles, and it was in the low 40's. that was about my limit with no special gear. The first item on my list is some nice riding pants (and some underarmour - maybe it can mutlitask as my winter running gear, so i don't get stuck on the treadmill all winter). But I was very impressed with the RT fairing, heated grips, and Z-technic screen.


And it's much more rewarding switching to lighter weight motor oil for the winters, rather than packing the bike away 'till spring.


I never noticed that about gasoline in the cold weather - I always assumed the the cool, dense air would be more efficient for the motor.


Didn't mean to hijack, but maybe there are some other folks who can use this info in the cold weather....

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In central NY its about time to stabilize the fuel and dust off the battery tender. A great area to ride in, but from now on we pick and choose until the salt and sand are laid down. Then we wait for the late March rains to wash it away. So it goes.

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Aw Joel, I almost got away it! I do ride year round but not when they have salted our roads here. Me GS no like. This pic was in September on top of one of the highest passes in Europe.


I do have the BMW heated vest but can't get over how difficult it is to operate. So mostly I wear my kick-ass windstopper from North Face and have lots of hot chocolate at stops!

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