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Quest 2


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Received my Quest2 about a week ago . . . great machine. Only problem is smallish screen - need my reading glasses to get the detail. However, glasses not needed to follow turn directions so it is quite functional.


I am going to Nova Scotia next week - it had sufficient detail built into the maps to get me to Cape Bretton, but was a bit lite on POIs.

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You did't day if you hooked it up to power. Makes a BIG difference I found . thumbsup.gif

I also remounted mine back to almost touching the tankbag. That helped . smile.gif

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Does the Quest 2 have a microdrive that stores all the map data? If so, have you had any problems w/ vibration on the bike causing problems w/ microdrive?



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I plugged the automobile power plug into a power socket in my tank bag - seems to work great. Have had no problem with the microdrive (i.e., no skipping, etc.) I cannot hear the voice commands as I am hard of hearing anyway - but don't really need them.

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I would have to believe that the memory in a Quest 2 is completely solid state. Garmin has done away with the microdrive in all the new models, even the larger units.

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