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Priorities buying a used R1200RT


Newer or Higher Mileage?  

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If you were buying a used R1200RT, which would you prefer and why?



  • A 2007 R1200RT with higher mileage (+10K to 15K miles more)?
  • A older 2005 R1200RT with lower mileage (less than 20K miles) for a bit less cash (maybe $2,000 less)?


I originally intended to replace my "starter" (more like "returning") bike, a 2001 R1100RT-P, with a civilian RT after a couple of years of use. Unfortunately, I lost the transmission, so I R&R'd the transmission, clutch, bearings, and many of the assemblies on the bike such as bearings, cables, O2 sensor, shocks, and so forth. It may not be as pretty, but my RT is mechanically sound like few others out there with > 60K. I put about 2K miles on it a month, so I intended to put about 30 to 40K miles on it before I replaced it. However, I've only got 13K on the bike (over the 50K it came with), but have the itch to get a R1200RT sooner than later, so I've been doing window shopping.


So the question is, which would you prefer, and why. And no, the option "keep the old R1100RT and saves $thousands" isn't on this poll - we all KNOW I don't need a better bike for commuting. :grin:


Thanks for playing.

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07 has the non servo brake sys..Also would not want ESA,,At 30k the shocks would be worn out,,Would install Welber,s,,



+2 Hey we agree on something!!!! :clap:

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First of all I only buy used bikes mainly due to depreciation and the huge up front tax hit. My formula is easy. I purchase the newest model I can afford, WITH warranty, minimal mileage, and of course the best price I can get. This formula has worked by purchasing 3 BMW's for an average savings of $5K per bike. Can you say no brainer? The '93 K11 had 4K miles/6 months old, '04 RT was 1 year old with 2.5K miles, and the '05 RT/8 months old with 4K miles on it. So with that being said I would buy the 07 if you can or take the savings on the 05 and buy an extended warranty or pocket the savings and work on the bike yourself. I have found that within 3 years most anything that would break will break and be covered under warranty. Good luck.

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Thanks to all for the tips. I'm in agreement with most.


I went "dirt cheap" with my first BMW bike, and then rebuilt it. I'm going with something better with the next, so I spend more time riding it this time around.


I like one 2007 R1200RT I see listed at a dealer, kind of higher mileage (over 30K miles) but a fair price. I just "lost" a 2005 R1200RT on Ebay for just over $10K, midway between high and low bluebook. It was pretty nice deal (20K miles, plus some farkles), but 10 minutes before close a "0 feedback" ebay account started aggressive bidding, and I backed off (have been taken by shills and frauds before, and I just won't mess around with an Ebay sale anymore unless I'm pretty sure about the seller and that I can see the bike before I commit the cash). Anyway, it all turned out legit and a guy who's had an unused Ebay account for 3 years got a pretty nice deal.


I'll probably list my RT-P and see if I can get part of the money out of it that I put into the repairs. If not, I'll ride it for 30K more miles and dump it for "nothing", and replace it with a used R1200RT then.


If the economy wasn't in the tank (with no immediate prospect for recovery), I'd probably just drop the cash and replace my RT-P right now, but we all have to cut back, consume less, share the wealth ... you know. So I'll sell the RT-P before I shop for the next RT, later this year or next year. :/

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Unlike many on this board, I would opt for an '05 if the following conditions were true:


1) It was a late purchase in '05 or left over in '06 so some warranty was left. Then purchase extended for as long as you can get it.


2) Had more then 15K and less then 30K. Want it mostly broken in but not sitting around unused


3) No ESA.. Too expensive to replace.


4) No Radio


I personally like the servo brakes. Had them on my LT. Also, like the dual horn. It is much better then the newer horns.



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two possible decision criteria i would need if it was my decision (assuming that both are a good physical fit) :

- color

- price (i.e price of 05 compared to other 05s with that millage and price of 07 compared to others 07s of that millage) - i.e which is a better deal.


then test ride both if you can and see if you think the 07 is worth 2000 more.

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I bought a used 2005 with 6,000 miles on it. I would do it again. The servo brake issue isn't worth walking away from a deal. The bikes must be looked at individually. A 2007 with high mileage or a 2005 with low miles? If the 2007 is sun baked and the 2005 is garage kept, doesn't that make a difference as well? I would look at each bikes pro's and con's.

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I would not let ESA dissuade you. You can always have Works replace the shocks on the ESA stuff and still have ESA with better shocks. Also everyone knows aftermarket shocks are superior anyway so if the price is rightly adjusted get the ESA and change the shocks yourself with or without ESA. Many riders have and I am happy I did. As for the servo it is a bid weird to get accustomed to but I have found it to be fine. All things being equal I'd rather have no servo however. An '05 has got to be way less expensive than an '07.

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Here is what I considered when I bought my '07 R1200Rt used.


+1 on 2007 model -- no servo brakes and also, no '08 service light to annoy you. Downside, no red bikes in '07.


+1 to buying one with servo at a great price. It will cost more to service and the brakes can be overly grabby at slow speed which may mean you may put it on its side if you grab a handful.


7k to 8k miles is a sweet spot; 6k service is done, it has new or newer tires and there will be some cost savings as some will consider this on the edge of being a higher mileage bike. I rented a '06 with 45k on the clock in Denver and it was like riding mine with 10k on the clock. Thus, in my mind higher mileage R1200RT's are ok.


I did not want ESA as it costs a lot to replace when it wears out and frankly, I don't miss it. Non-esa shocks are easily adjusted. The things I use/like the most are aftermarket seat (Russell), cruise, heated grips, topcase, tankbag, hyper lites and the computer. Depending on your body type you might consider bar backs, lower pegs, aftermarket screen and a lowered seat.


The '07 should have some warranty left.


My answer to your question = the '07 BUT with maybe 20k - 25k so you can still have the benefit of the warranty. Cost savings should not be much different than one out of warranty (+36k)


Good luck, Gael


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I am not a fan of the servo assisted brakes, I have them on my K bike and they are one of my few complaints. However, the one thing that would keep me persoanlly looking at the older model is the maintenance cost. I took my K bike in for it's 18K service which is expensive at $450. When I commented about the cost of that service, they told me that the new 1200RT's cost that much on EVERY service.







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With 65 votes in, it's split about 60/40, i..e 58% would go with the 2007, and 42% would go with the older bike. Interesting. Tells me in general, that folks really like the newer RT's over the first generation, but only by a little.


Since I'm replacing a 2001 1100 RT, everything from 2005 on up is just gravy. Keep buying used bikes (like I do), and you'll be easy to please too. :thumbsup:

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Tells me in general, that folks really like the newer RT's over the first generation, but only by a little.


I would not necessarily infer this based on the above statement. For me personally, I would buy the '07 simply because it is a newer bike and more importantly it has warranty left on it so if anything were to break it would be covered.

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I can't say anything about the older bikes because of lack of experiance with them, but from my viewpiont off the back of an 07 RT you can't go wrong with it. The 05/07 are basicly the same bike get the newer on with the slightly higher mileage, at 30k it's just broken in (if you can tell that it's been maintianted) and bikes like to be ridden. Just letting one sit does strange things to it and seals and stuff can go bad, so if the higher milage bike has been babied get it.

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For me they are the same bike So i'd go with the lower milage/less cash route. Your getting best of both worlds. The only downside I see is the warrenty issue. If you can get an aftermarket warrenty for under $1000 You'd still have a grand to play with to get farkled out to where you like it. I have an '06 and I could care less about the servo brakes. I wear earplugs and have helmet speakers for the radio so servo whine is mostly blocked. Never had a problem with them being too grabby. They are nothing compared to a mitsubishi box truck i used to drive for work. You would just touch those damn air brakes and were through the windshield.


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All three recent ebay sales of R1200RT are 0 or 1 feedback buyers. That seems strange and I think it is worth you emailing the sellers to see if the sale actually went through. I bought my Boxer Cup from a person that previously "sold" the bike twice on ebay. I know enough about ebay to only go look at the bike in person, where I bought it since it was as described.


If you want a 15K mile, pristine 2005 in Piedmont Red with BMW Nav and the large rear box, let me know. I visit my parents regularly in Oceanside, so it would be easy to check out. I want a R1200R and can't justify 4 BMWs at one time......even if I'm likely to buy a new 2010 R1200RT.

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I had the chance to buy a 2005 last spring and ended up getting a new 2008. The 05 was from someone that I knew and the bike only had 10K Km on it and was ridden small amounts often so was not just in storage. I rode it several times in varying conditions and anguished over the decision. In the end I went for the 08 and the only thing that I really couldn't adjust to was the brakes however, that it strictly me and my lack of experience with them (I think). As far as ESA goes, as others have said if and when they cause an issue they can be replaced with aftermarket ones that utilize ESA or others that do not. I currently have original shocks on my 08 RT but have replaced the shocks on my wife's 07 with non-ESA Wilbers (to lower the bike) so have experience with both. Her bike does suck down to the road better and feels more 'planted' but the ESA is not a problem enough (for me) to want to replace them. Certainly a personal decision - and all other things like condition being equal then an 05 certainly is a great bike if servo brakes don't bug you. Thousands of riders can't be wrong.

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