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2008 has been a banner year!


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It doesn't get any better than 2008 for me. This is my first full year of retirement including (in addition to my bicycling and R/C planes) MLK day at Death Valley, Big Bend Bash, Spring Torrey, the Alaska ride experience, Fall Torrey, Silver City, and the upcoming Desert Ride Campout in AZ. Wow, if it all ended next year, it will have been an "good run"!!! Thanks to the BMWST community and some great friends.

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Interesting. Good for you!


It DID end for a lot of folks this year tho. The economy is in the toilet for a lot of folks, and a lot of folks lost everything they have, and ever worked for, this year.


My heart goes out to them.


"There but for fortune go I"

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Congrats on your retirement, best of luck and ride safe. I'm in the short rows myself, will retire in April 09. Just bought a new R12RT, luv it and can't wait to do what you have already enjoyed.

May see ya in one of those places..

Dan B.

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Great post! Sounds like you have no regrets..It gives me hope that some day I'll figure out what it is that I'm suppose to do..and when I'm suppose to do it... :/

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