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I've decided that a ZUMO 550 is in my future and have been trolling the internet. These units have two distinct price points. The lower are from the high volume cameria and electronics stores typically in New York City. Right now one can be had for as low as $430.00. BUT drill down through the fine print and it's most likely Grey Market. Warranted by the vendor but not the manufacture plus there is no guarentee of product support down the road.


The second is by an authorized Garmen dealer. Best price for a new unit is $635.


Anyone have experience with a Grey market Garmen? The $200 difference sounds too good to be true.

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I bought my Zumo 550 nearly one year ago from BuyDig.com and had no problems with product. It was fresh stock with full Garmin warranty (as current ad still states) and shipping charges included in "cart" price. This was my only purchase from this company which is a division of Beach Camera (been around a long time). Shortly after online order transaction, I received email confirm, then another update with shipping tracking details.




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From what I have heard they will take your order and then call you to try and get you to buy upgrades. Most of the time the upgrades are the accessories that would already come with the unit. I guess they work you over harder than a timeshare agent. don't buy a grey market unit as it won't be warrantied by garmin.


Got mine from www.pcnation.com and couldn't be happier.

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With electronics on the internet, it seems that if it's way too good to be true, it usually is. Before you buy, search the vendor at www.resellerratings.com. Most of those "great deals" are like what Fightingpiper said - you have to buy "upgrades" that should already be in the box, grey market, non warranty, etc.

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I bought mine from an authorized dealer, TigerGPS. About 13 months later it stopped working. I called Garmin support and they had me go through trouble shooting and then decided it had to be replaced and they sent me a new one!!


Oh, no charge for the replacement.

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Thank you everyone for the responses. Lots of good information, as always. Riding season for me is about over due to some early dumps of snow in the Cascades. I will be looking and waiting for the right time. Perhaps black monday.



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