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Thinking of paRTing ways


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Hey folks,


For a while now I've thought about selling my RT for something different. Well, not totally different, but I don't seem to be using this bike for what it was intended. Now, don't boo or hiss...I'd like to stay with BMW and a Boxer. I don't tour like I used to and at the most, take weekend trips across the state or as far south as NorCal, Oregon, etc. and as far north/east as the Canadian Rockies.


Most of the time, I use the RT for commuting and general transportation (I don't have a car but share a Tacoma with my wife). Also, the RT seems to be uncomfortable for me to ride (just recently). I utilize the MYRP, but I am just not as settled on the RT anymore and often find myself sore and achy (stock comfort seat with seat-jacks, no barbacks, etc.). I think my body wants a different type of riding position that I just can't get with the RT.


Lastly, I guess I just want something new(er)!


Looking for feedback here but a few of my choices:





*BMW Sidecases

*Heated grips

*GS Hand guards

*Parabellum Scout fairing

*Moto Lites

*Some type of passenger backrest




*Vario luggage


*Heated grips

*Moto lites

*Cast wheels


While the RT has great weather protection, I always wear full gear and never really find myself cold or wet on my lower half. I don't think I'd miss the large fairing of the RT over the minimal protection offered by the R or GS.


I might even consider an 1150R, but I sure to like the looks of the 1200 (especially in white!).


So, thanks for allowing me to think out loud. Not really looking for advice as I know both contenders pretty well, but moreso looking for conversation as if we were sitting in a coffee shop talkin' bikes (this place is about as close as we can virtually get to that anyway!).


Thanks for listening. I welcome any and all opinions and real experiences.





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I just went from a 06 RT to a 06 GT. I have problems with my shoulders and they started to bother me on the RT. Nice, nice bike but as you wanted to try someting different and wanted to stay with BMW. I also wanted to go back to a 4 cylinder for the smoothness. I found a post where a guy wanted to trade a GT for a RT. Did the trade and I love the GT. I sit just a tad more forward and makes me use my lower back more and my shoulders don't hurt at all. Just a little story on my side.


I think you need to go ride some other models of BMW and see what trips your trigger. It's different for everyone.


Good luck and let us know how you make out.

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Steve, I went exactly the same route you are planning, with bike specifications exactly as you describe your possible choices.

From my '99 R1100RT I went first to a R1150R with Parabellum etc. and now I have a R1200GS. I loved the change. These bikes are much handier than a RT. With less weather protection you are less hot in summer and dress warmer in winter. I have done long distance touring on all these bikes. I did not find any lesser over all comfort with the lighter bikes.

Your choice may be determined the different riding positions of the two bikes. On the R1200R you lean a bit more forward than on the RT and seat to foot pegs distance is a bit tighter. If you are not a very big guy you will like it. The R1200GS has a more open riding position. Less lean forward, more open angles at knees and hip. Best bike for big guys. You can't go wrong with either.


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I feel your dilemma! I have an RT that I love, and the KS which, I love also, but it still means 2 bikes! I rode the K1200R "Sport", and really liked it a lot, and always keep thinking it is 1 bike that could easily replace both bikes for my needs, and would be a lot cooler to ride in the summer than the RT or KS, so who knows?? Just my 2 cents worth of free advice!

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what about the new 800 series. I have the 650gs and love it, but they make the 800 gs, 800 st and may release an 800 R: all light, easy to handle, great motor, brakes, suspension. perfect for weekends and daily commutes. P.S. Even though I dont ride long distance anymore, I still have a gold wing trike- dont need it, dont ride it for what it was intended, just like it, so I keep it. Is motorcycling really about practicality?

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After riding fully faired bikes for many years, I had the urge for a naked bike and bought a R1150R complete with panniers. I added only a parabellum windshield. Was happy with the bike around town and short trips until my first tour in adverse weather conditions.

Aside from the reduced luggage capacity due to the upswept exhaust and the reduced cruising range, I was getting blown all over the place while my buddies on RT's were in complete comfort. That was it for me. I sold it and bought an RT and have been happy ever since. It just goes to show that there is no one bike for all your needs. I feel I need at least three for the different moods and riding conditions I encounter, and fortunately have an understanding wife.


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Its unfortunate that the RT is becoming uncomfortable for you, as my strong suggestion would be simply to add to your stable. I sold my RT (too hot for Florida) and picked up a snazzy Street Triple, which I love, but I can no longer decide to ride to Texas Hill Country on a whim. That's a big regret, so there's another LD capable bike in my future.


I like where your head is at re: the R1200R. As capable as it is (and damned good looking) I fear it will ultimately be a compromise.

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Not telling you what to do.


I added foot peg lowering kit and Sargent seat and it has made it more comfortable for me.


However, still look at GS's

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I do not understand why so many seem to dis-like the R1150R or the R1200R. I rarely see any recommendations for it on this board. It's a great bike.....When I travel I put on the side cases and the top case and it's ready to go. When I do day trip I take the top case off and sometimes the side cases...makes for a lite sporty ride....without the bulk and the top heavyness of the RT....(I do like the RT)


Try a R1150R or R1200R out....Good bike I love'em....

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+1 on the 1200 R. I went from the 06 1200 RT because the RT felt top heavy. I couldn't complain about the ride but I always felt it was just too much bike and too covered up for me. I wanted more air and in the summer it could get very hot behind all that plastic.

I tried the 1200 R and couldn't believe the difference. Lighter, more flickable, and buttery shifting (as the mechanic at the dealership described it. He was right).

I'm 5'11" with 30" inseam and bought the low seat. I'm just having way more fun on this bike and highly recommend it. Take a test ride!


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Thank you all for your suggestions. I sat on a 1200R and I think it is just a little too tight on the legroom for me (I am 6'4") and it still seemed to have a little bit too far of a reach to the bars. I also sat on a 1200ST. Wow! What an amazing bike! Alas, a bit too sporty of a riding position for me as well.


Now, the 1200GS...I think this will be the one for me. I have yet to ride one but I think I'll try to take one out this weekend for an extended test ride. I like the seating position and especially the reach to the bars. Tell me, how do the wider bars and taller stance of the GS affect handling? It looks like the passenger sits up a bit higher too (a complaint I hear frequently is that someone is constantly looking at the back of my helmet). How is the rear seat comfort compared to an RT?


Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Keep 'em coming! I appreciate the input :thumbsup:


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