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Political Threads, Today of All Days


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The Mod Team has spent a good part of the morning debating among ourselves about some of the political threads that have appeared. We all understand the tensions that elections create, and this one in particular. But even when the intention is to NOT evoke political discussion, simply elicit a simple, non-argumentative response, on a day like today it's probably asking too much. So we've been putting out the fires, sometimes before the first spark. If that's not to some peoples' liking, we'll take the heat.


At the same time, I have to admire and express our gratitude at the mature approach displayed by those whose threads have been deleted. They've not gone public, and have kept their questions private, PMing the Mod team for clarification and even to express their disagreement. These have all been civil discussions. Let's hope that whoever becomes President, their followers, and those who disagree with them, can be equally civil.

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