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if you can only spend 4 days in Arkansas


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So if I wanted to ride Arkansas and I basically only have 4 days, were should I concentrate? Motel, KOA basically flexible on accomadations. Probably would not want to camp, but KOA "hut" is fine. If the best riding is located in camp only area, that would be ok.

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Randy, we had an UnRally in Eureka Springs, and it turned out to be very central for terrific riding. Emerson, David Bearden, and I did all the routes for the event, and I think I still have them if you want them.

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Yeeha! Stephen

You going soon?


No need to camp if you don't like...


Tourist trade in Northern Ark is down right now and the Mom n' Pop places are dealing.


Just got back from several days in Ozark and Eureka Springs and at the start of Leaf Peeping Season many of the hotels had vacancies on the weekend!


Saw a few places offering "Buy One Get One" deals on a Weeknight stays.


We paid $49 per night for weekend night in the tourist trap towns in the middle of Fall color peak.


Go for it.


Eureka Springs, Harrison, Russelville would probably be the best HQ. But really, anywhere you can find a spot to lay your head North of I-40 to the Missouri line... East of I-540... West of Ar 9... would be prime for HQ.


Within those borders are the primo Ark routes. 23, 16, 123, 7, 21, 74, and 215. I didn't get to ride it, but I was told that 215 is paved now all the way to the Historic Oark general Store, a must see.


And, the Dragon of Arkansas, Push Mountian Rd was pretty nice on the bottom half. If you ride it, start from the bottom and ride till the Chip Seal patches start and turn around and go back down. Those patches suck! Also, ride your best about 1/3 of the way up so your photo will be poster material at Push Mountain Pics!




Have fun! We did!

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Stay in the Eureka Springs area. There are tons of hotels and restaurants. NW Arkansas has so many great roads. I try to get down there every year if possible.

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sounds like eureka springs is it.Yes David if you do not mind, and you still have the routes I would love them. if you have them in Garmin GPS format that would be great.

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one more question, so how late, or early can you go to this area and have a reasonable chance for nice weather? I am thinking maybe late March 2009 (March 26 -2 9)or Mid october (Oct 14 - 18).


Would either time period be substantially better than the other? I am assuming it is far enough south and West that both of these time frames would be excellent.

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Either time period you suggested will work. Spring is slightly more iffy depending on the fronts coming through. This year on 10/24 the weather was clear bright and cool in the morning.

Don't forget to plan a a night at the Queen. It's small and requires a longer lead time.

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The advice in the preious responses is all sound.

There is a "motorcycle trails" section, on Arkansas.com in the outdoor section that may also help.

Generally the Northwestern one third of the state has plenty of great riding. Eurika Springs is a great suggestion and there are a reasonable number of medium sized towns with motels.

I would probably wait until after April 1 to get a little warmer weather.

Good riding

Jim Wright

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