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sometime unable to shift all the way down to first


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During my recent 1000 mile ride down to texas and back, had a few occasions when I went to downshift while coming to a stop where the clutch pedal would stop at 2nd, and I could not get it to go into first. Note: I tend to pull the clutch lever in when prepping to stop, and shifting down to first before coming to a stop, rarely do I use engine braking to slow my speed down for such situations, relying instead of brakes....


I'd have to upshift to 3rd, then start the downshift process again and it would work fine.


Its a bit worrisome, I plan to check the pedal linkage this pm when I get home. Any other thoughts of what could be the matter.


She's not due a transmission oil change for another 2k miles.





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Dirty linkage or not having the gears in line when they stopped spinning. For the first clean and lube. For the second, try stopping in neutral, let out the clutch, then re-engage the clutch and then try downshifting again. Works for me.

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this sounds like a common issue. I have had this happen several times and the solution like many will tell you is when you are ready to take off you let the clutch out ever so slightly and add pressure to the shifter and it goes in without issue every time. Knowing this now allows me to rest at a stop light without worry that I won't be able to put in gear if this happens. Try it and you won't be bugged again

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