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California CHP- they're selling retired RT-P's?


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I've seen several posts on BMWST that claim that the CA CHP is crushing their retired RT-P's, rather than offer them for sale. My son said that the local wrecking yard crushed a bike from the local PD under that same "requirement". If that's the case, I keep wondering why these things pop up here and there for sale. This seems like a STEAL at $2100! I'm tempted to buy it to replace my plastics and part out the rest.



(No affiliation with the dealer, but they regularly advertise retired police bikes on ebay.)


If the CHP is dumping the RT-P's on the open market, I'm wondering why I don't see them on the State of CA's Fleet auction web site (i.e. available to the general public). (Also, if the CHP is dumping 500 RT-P's, I think the resale value of RT-P's have just taken one heck of a nose dive.)



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When the CHP contract was originally awarded to BMW, they has a buyback of a set dollar amount involved. Therefore, BMW would buy the bikes back at the set retirement mileage. If I remeber they were retired around 60k miles to get the full buyback from BMW. Many of the buyback bikes were originally going to third world countries and sold. Third world countries were happy to be able to buy them used. Greadually some were sold off as retired to the public. I dont believe there is a buyback involved in the latest contract. I will ask a friend of mine, he represents BMW for the police bikes. I dont understand the low mileage police bikes. I have never heard of the CHP crusing bikes or cars. Areound here, you used to be able to buy used/retired ford mustang CHP cars all day long for about 5k bucks. Same with post office jeeps. I guess its possible they crush vehicles that have been in an accident or are unsafe for public use.



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60k or 3 years (39 months actually). Appearently once out of waranty CHP don't want them with the exception of the current crop due to this fiasco. Some of the dealers buy them from BMW NA to sell to the public. There are a lot out there. Hollywood motors has been using some of those pictures for years.

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The CHP does indeed sell off their old RT-Ps, as well as all the other vehicles they retire. There is a CHP maintenance yard at their Torrance location. Every Monday [?] they put out a recorded announcement of what's up for bid. I would post the number, but I don't have it handy.

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I think this would look great with a BMWST logo on it.


A great attention getter and parking lot center of activities at Torrey, Unrally, BRR, Tech Day?

And if you parked along the side of the road, how would squids react? :/

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