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Spoiler - Anyone see the last F-1 race?


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What a heartbreak to come in first and still lose the championship by 1 point to the other guy that moved up a spot into 4th position on the last corner of the last race. :(

What an ending to the season.

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It was a dozer until the last 7 laps, then the rain changed everything. Wouldn't be great if we could see more like this one.


I felt sorry for Massa because he did everything right. He'll have all winter to agonize about the 'what ifs' but I expect he'll be strong again next season. As for Lewis, he can breathe easier, having atoned for last year.

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What a great finish from a championship viewpoint!

I was actually hoping Hamilton could keep the championship.

Massa did everything he needed to do except start the race with enough points.


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Yes and thankfully I set the DVR to run 15 minutes long, otherwise I'd have missed the emotional post race interview with Massa. Hats off to him for remaining so composed, all the while thinking "coulda, shoulda, woulda". Knowing that Kubica and Hamilton are good buds, how about that late charge from Robert (while one lap down) as he seemed to try in a failed attempt to prevent the young Vettle from taking the 5th finishing position Louis absolutely needed to clinch the championship? So then, while Vettle seemed the "spoiler", in the end Glock's dry compound tires determined the final results for the year in the very last corner of the very last race!



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I watched the first half of the race. I loved the screw-ball that weather threw at the teams two minutes before the siting lap.


Sure, it's a heartbreak to come up one point short in any championship hunt. But that's what racing's all about.


First turn of the first race, or last turn of the last race. Every corner counts.

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Somewhere, Nigel Stepney must be so proud.


It was a good race, AND a good season. Massa and Hamilton have to be considered the sport's two premier drivers. And congratulations to Hamilton on his championship. But the cloud cast by spygate has not dissipated entirely yet. It's going to take longer than that for me to get over what McLaren did.

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Very cool.


Total snoozer of a race until the weather changed at the end. Then it got real interesting real quick.


Massa ran a perfect race and got the result he deserved. It was heartbreaking watching the team when they figured out they lost the title on the last corner. :(


But...Hamilton earned this one for sure and it's awesome that he's the youngest F1 champ in history.



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