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H7 Headlight Bulbs


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Just reading the Sunday morning paper and see that Pep Boys has the Sylvania X-tra Vision 2-Pack Bulbs on sale for $15. That's a $5 reduction.


I bought them at $20 and thought it was a good deal. By the way, the one I installed seems a bit brighter then the Osram +50 I got at the bike shop and of course is 1/2 the price.


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Is the wattage spec for the Sylvania the same as the Osram's? (Both 55 watts)? Do they describe the Sylvania as "heavy duty" or "long life" or anything to indicate it might be more durable than average?

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Yes, 55 watts... longer life= no claims.


Suggestion is that they are brighter and I can tell you mine are as bright as the Osram, and maybe a tiny bit more so... your actual mileage may vary.

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