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Fall colors


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Since I 'had' to go to Germany anyway, my SO convinced me to take the long way, through the Alsace region of France and then the Mosel Valley of Germany, near Trier. This is or soon will be the grape harvest season and the colors are usually great. One of the many 'wine routes' in France is along the eastern side of the mountains just south of Strasbourg. If one can't make the trip at this time of year, the spring and summer (except for July-August) are best for driving the Crest Route, on top of the mountains. The Mosel is drop dead gorgeous anytime except winter.


The weather was unpredictable so we took the cage, but of course the weather was good enough to have the top down part of our first day out. But only the first day...


Hope you enjoy a few snaps of our trip.



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