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Cool Air Show !


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Wow - thanks for sharing! To say those Chino images are great would be an understatement - totally fantastic! It's been over 30 years since I attended a Chino airshow, but we do have a smaller, less well known collection just a few miles away and have enjoyed their show multiple times over the years. CAF Wing - Camarillo


Although not a pilot myself, I'm steeped in warbird appreciation since my father was pilot instructor of B17 and B29 aircraft during WW2. A few weeks ago, I joined 3 friends for a 4 day ride which by plan included a visit to Castle Air Museum in Atwater, CA as our 2nd day midpoint destination. Anybody visiting the Merced area should see their collection. What history! Our ride leader and host (Lake Nacimiento was "basecamp") has similar roots as his own father piloted B17 on missions out of England. Here's a slideshow of some of what we saw: Tour of Castle Air Museum



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