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AutoCom - Need help!


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Okay, AutoCom [Active-Plus model] hooked up with Part 1321...this is the inline toggle switch, with all wires, that enables change from R1200RT dash speakers to helmet speakers. There are three positions to the switch. I now have [in one far position} only the right dash speaker playing. In middle position, both dash speakers are playing and to the other far switch position the helmet and dash speakers are playing!? I thought it should be one position that both dash speakers ONLY played, middle all dash and helmet speakers played and third switch position only helmet speakers played? Someone tell me how it is suppose to be and if I'm not wired to that, how do I get that way? I think I may have gotten off track since there are two sets of wires coming into each dash speaker. I'm assuming one set is from radio and the other set is actually outgoing from large speaker to smaller tweeter speaker [below large speakers]? Have I spliced into the wrong set? Does that make a difference?


Thanks...I don't think electrical current likes me...may be its my pacemaker???

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Have you contacted TopGear for support? In looking at the 1321 it would seem there is only one option for hookup so I would suspect you have gotten the wrong wires.


Instructions are available here: http://www.autocom.co.uk/pdf/BMW_RT_Switched_Music.pdf


Yellow and red = Left +

Yellow = Left -


Green and black = Right +

Green = Right -


Jacks are under the mirrors and speakers as shown in the instructions.

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Thanks for the input. I have all this data...I guess question is, which set of speaker wires do you tap into because there are two sets going [or coming] from each speaker...AND DOES IT MAKE A DIFFERENCE? I'll call AutoCom Monday.

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