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H. I. D lights for R1100RT


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Where can you buy a HID light kit for the main head light of the R1100RT?


1st you need to know what bulb (type) you need.


2nd what color (temperature) you want. Above 4300 you get a blue tinge.


If you buy from here you can afford to buy a few different color temperature bulbs so you can experiment.


Here is another "cheep" source.


NOTE: no association nor experience with ether vender.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

I just finished installation on a 99 rt of the vvme.com kit. I put in the h4-3 (bi-zenon). It comes with only 1 relay, 2 bulbs and 2 ballasts. You end up with extra ballast and bulb for a friend with a relay and lamp plug or you get extra parts.

It is pretty difficult to cut the rubber to the right size, I ended up oversize. The correct dia overlays the inner boot so I'm not sure how one would do it correctly. Mounted the ballast on the unicorn spar coming off the frame at the tank and the relay behind the RID.

4300k temp give the most lumen output and the added benefit of not looking like a squid.

It took a few hours to put in due to tupperware removal. I removed the upper fairing also for lamp access. Do an electrical checkout prior to taking any tupperware off to make sure you have good hardware.


There is another place in BC, Canada recommended on the advrider.org site but much more expensive.


good luck


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