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I'm 35 days from picking up my new (to me) RT and need to gear up. What suit is recommended for both summer and winter tours and short trips? I prefer a two piece and I'm on a budget. Is there such a beast?

This will be the longest month of my life...

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Look at Aerostich,FirstGear,Revit,Hein Gericke.Several other good brands out there.


Look for removable waterproof liners(Goretex or similar) and thermal liners,CE rated shoulder,elbow and forearm,hip and knee armor as well as a spine protector.

Cordura is probably your best bet for the outer fabric,look for reinforced shoulder,elbow,hip and knee areas.

Also look for zip open vent systems in the arms,torso and back.


Get Gortex lined boots.


As for gloves,you may need a summer and winter pair.They are available Goretex lined too.Leather or leather reinforced cordura are availale.


Undergarments,look at Underarmor brand longs for the summer and synthetic breathable thermals for the cooler days.


As to cost,how much do you feel your skin and body are worth?

Just to get you in the door of the ED is more expensive than any of the suits!!



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Those 35 days will wiz by, spend the time look for your gear. Go to some MC shops and check out what they have, try some on and determine if you like it. Take note of this - if you don't like the stuff, don't buy it because you need it. Buy it because it fits you well, that way you will wear it each time you ride.


Being budget sensitive, check out some of the internet sites for used items. I bought my gear from a dealer & off the internet. I always tried to find a local source so that I could "touch/feel" the item before I bid on it. If the price was close to retail, I would buy it from a dealer. It's always a good thing to support your local shop.


Good Luck. thumbsup.gif

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