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Tire sealant


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Does anyone use any kind of tire sealant? I was thinking of taking a trip to the Yukon and Alaska and thought the extra security of tire sealant might be a good idea on the rough roads. Wondering what others have experienced, if they have used it.

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too old to care

Not on motorcycles, but I have repaired many wheelchair tires at various wheelchair sporting events where a flat is bad news for the occupant. The tires with a sealant such as Slime seemed to deflate slower, sometimes taking hours, verses seconds. Wheelchair tires use tubes. From my experience tires with tubes always deflate much faster than tubeless tires.


However, I have no personal experience on motorcycles, but one of my bikes uses tubes and I am considering it too if I had some personal knowledge.


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In my /5, with tube tires, I use Ride-On TPS. My experience is that it does not unbalance the tires. I used Slime for one puncture in a car and it DID unbalance that tire.


In general I would not use a sealant in a tubeless bike tire. it is just not necessary and makes too much mess. I've fixed so many tubeless punctures that I consider those minor annoyances. Experiences vary but I had bad luck with the "mushroom plug gun" a lot of LD riders use. Old fashioned sticky string is batting 1000 for me.

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I change my own tires with Harbor Freight Changer.


I have used Slime and was very happy to see a little weeping of green stuff at a rest stop once. I was ready with "strings", and went ahead and pulled nail out. Leak stopped immediately.


I marked the side of the tire, drove over 100 miles, and then removed tire* and patched from inside. I drove the tire another couple thousand miles before I replaced it.



*Downside - Slime on me, the driveway, tire changer. What a mess! Your dealer won't like you.

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A friend of mine gave me a "secret" formula that he uses to seal tires. So far we have used it in low pressure/thin wall sand tires, wheelbarrow tires, car and truck tires, but I have not tried it on a motorcycle tire yet. I have to admit that I would not be a bit hesitant to use it.


Mix 1 part Bars liquid stop leak for aluminum radiators with

1 part automotive anti-freeze. Inject through the valve stem. That's it! Use an amount appropriate to the tire size. 4-8 oz should be good in a bike tire. This isn't for a puncture, but is to be used for those tires that have a slow/hard to find leak. Easy to clean up when the tire is removed, too!

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Just go to NAPA and get a tubeless tire repair kit (plugs), and a compact 12V compressor. It's the cheapest, easiest, most effective and reliable thing you can do while you're in the field. There are endless stories that go something like this: "I was lazy, and used a can of gunk in my flat, and then it didn't work, so I used another... eventually, I took it to the shop...."


Don't fool around with that junk on a trip to Alaska.

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Just go to NAPA and get a tubeless tire repair kit (plugs), and a compact 12V compressor.


Yes I have both already. Other than the bike tires I also have a Bushtec trailer and they have tube type tires so was thinking about putting something in them.

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