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Leaking fork

Mister Tee

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One of the forks on my 1200RT is leaking. Not a lot, but enough to cause a couple drips of fluid to run down the side after a hundred miles of riding. This may have possibly been a result of somebody whacking a car in to the fork a couple weeks ago, but I'm not sure. There is no visible damage otherwise and it doesn't ride any different.


Is this common, and/or something I should be worried about?

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Not common, not unheard of.


But if you think it is the result of a whack, I'd get the tubes checked out a bit closer if it was me.

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Understood. I did, however, partially answer my own question, and found a couple good threads in the Oilhead section after a search (which I probably should have done from the start. Oh well.) Assuming the 1200 series front suspension is similar, I'll clean it, keep an eye on it, and deal with it if it doesn't clear up on its own.


I see no abnormal wear on the slider and detect no binding, so it may have whacked a little hard on a bump or got a bit dirty.

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I have had both seals replaced,,One 2 days before UnRalley,,And the other 2 days before Torrey,,,Once they start to leak,You cant stop them,,,,In AZ you get a lot of sand and dirt that gets down in them,,,,07 RT,,

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As suggested in other threads, I tried cleaning it, and pouring a small amount of automatic transmission conditioner under the dust shield. Knock on wood, but I think it's working.

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