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the saga continues...


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I'm still trying to resolve some poor running issues with my 02 r1150rt with 36K. Out of warranty and dealers are not nearby. Here is where I have been to date:


Valve adjust

Clean TBs

TB sync


New HT leads to spark plugs

New plugs

New fuel filter

Checked coil resistance (OK)


Bike has techlusion r259 installed. I have tried resolving current issues with it unistalled, installed but turned off and on....


Here is where I'm at: bike is running somewhat better, but still some low speed surging. Also note rough running at aprox 4500 rpm and over. Vibration appears at this point.

Seems to come on more strongly when bike has warmed up on long ride (I think this is signficant!)


Much more noticeable at steady throttle than during acceleration. Bike seems to go to WOT fine without hesitation.


When I pull in the clutch at speed, vibration is gone (trying to eliminate drive train, tires, etc.) Vibration is definately related to engine speed (rpm), not road speed.


So, great minds, what am I missing? I have not yet...

Replaced coil

Checked o2 sensor

Checked tps (this is an 1150 and I have reset mo and done the tps reset when done with tb sync, etc.)

Checked all connectors

Hall sensors?

Something out of balance in the engine?


Any suggestions at this point would be appreciated, as I'm starting to run out of ideas and $!

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OK, low speed (you never defined it but its around 3K rpm for most folks) surging is simple. Don't ride there. I seldom, if ever, allow my revs to fall below about 3500 or so. Mostly at 4K or above. The engine doesn't mind, it won't overheat, there will be no detectable difference in fuel consumption and the surge will be gone. The bike is redlined at 7800 RPM so 4K is about the same as running your old cruiser at 2800.


The high speed vibration is another matter. I'm afraid to tell you, but, they all do that. What you are getting is a resonance in the exhaust system that is related to pipe length and position of the mounts. As the exhaust heats and expands, it stresses some of the mounts and then transfers engine vibration to the frame. You can ride around this as well by dropping down a gear at moderate highway speeds so that the motor is over 5K rpm. Both my S and GS do the same thing, at different RPMs. The GS has a real sweet spot right at 5K while the S wants 6K for the same but is much smoother at 4500 than is the GS. Go figure. You can usually find some combination of speed and gear that will accommodate your needs.

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Well you've done a lot of the right things. Just to understand, even with the Techlusion installed and adjusted correctly the bike still surges?


Tell us more about the TB sync you did. Procedures followed, tools used, results...

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Of course it still surges. Bandaid on a gushing artery. The O2 sensor is the culprit in surging. Find one that responds within the same time zone as the combustion chamber and the problem will go away. Oh, yeah, something other than a toggle would be nice.

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Thanks guys...as to the TB sync, engine up to operating temp (just back from ride..)with previous valve adjust done. Lft TB confirmed to rest on stop screw, TB Brass screw 1.5 turns out. Right also the same. Checked at idle first (~1100 rpm). Slight adjust to right TB Brass screw required (-1/4 turn) out. Then up to 3500-4000. Some adjust to right throttle cable to sync. Then confirmed nice sync up and down through range. (During this most recent fun and games I have used both a twin max and an oil manommeter...)


Idle has always swayed a little on this bike, not unexpected with the lean mapping?


I know what you are saying about the vibes, but usually that type of harmonic comes and then goes...this stays above 4500 on up...


As to the Techlusion, 3500 plus surging has been a problem, so I installed one. I had the bike running pretty well last year, but this year has been the pits. This 02RT has been a real problem from the start, never got any satisfaction from my dealer (who went belly up), BMWNA and then another dealer mucho distance away. I've ridden other RT's and this is definately one of those "problem children" you hear about.


I've taken this back to "stock" this year to try and find out the culprit, but to no avail...


Sorry to be long winded but I find the more info the better when I'm trying to help someone...hopes this "sparks" some ideas! confused.gif

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Stan, I currently have the OGB jumper installed, but during this I have also tried during the "stock" set up installed the LPB as well...




Also, just got back from a quick hop and again noted that the vibes come on above 4500 or so. Ran it on in 3rd gear right until the rev limiter cut out the fuel and it seems like it runs all the way through that range OK, but if I hold it at constant throttle it is really noticeable.


However, I note the same problem in any gear. In 5th it is fairly smooth then hits 4500 and starts to vibrate when held at steady throttle.... confused.gif

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