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Need new front brake pads


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I am trying to do a "search" for sources of front brake pads. I am not doing it correctly I guess. So, I need advice as to available pads and help doing "search".


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Greg, try your search again using the info in the attached picture.. Lots of info there..








Sure would be nice to move this somewhere sticky :thumbsup:


A picture is worth a thousand words........ in my case 2 thousand :dopeslap:

Thanks Bill :clap:

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Getting people to search is hard enough, but the search function of this board is poorly designed which adds to the difficulty.


Well I'm active on three forums and I find search practically useless on all of them. I end up just Googling stuff most of the time!

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I've found by just Googling BMW front brake pads I find all kinds of interesting places including bmwrt.COM ooops I mean bmwst.com I still have a problem with getting that right. I was off riding some where when that change took place. I still don't know why it happened....perhaps all you GS riders felt left out :=)


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