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Thouroughbred 3 wheel Cool??


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You are probably right, but I like the idea of a A/C and heater. Would be great to put kids in... :thumbsup:


And drink holders for the Harley crowd.



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Couldn't they have picked a better motor than the Ford/Mazda 2.3L? It's about the most anemic, least refined motor in it's class, althouhg it does have the option of direct injection and turbocharging. Even the GM/Hyundai/Mitsubishi/Dodge/Suzuki 2.4L makes more power. Maybe it packages better than the others? I think Toyota/Yamaha 1.8L is a much better choice. That's what Lotus and a couple others use.


Oh...but it has BF Goodrich tires! When I want performance in my tires I always look to BFG first.


I don't really see how this is any better than a 4 wheel roadster convertible? A little better power to weight ratio maybe? For less money you can get similar performance from a handful of 4 wheel vehicles...that are much safer too and have luggage capacity.


I guess I'm just one of those people, that once you add a 3rd wheel, unless maybe it's a sidecar, you might as well just add a 4th.

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Saw several of them on the road and parked last week at Biketoberfest. The manufacturer?/dealer was at the vendor booths at Sunshime Mall on South Ridgewood Ave in Daytona. They had four of these there and were using two for demo rides, but I did not bother to try one.


I would rather drive my Corvette Convertible than one of these.

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My favorite is the ACE by Liberty sidecars up in Washington.


A pretty faithfull modern rendition of the Morgan cyclecar, with HD 88/103 or aftermarket 120 CI engines.

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