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Sunday of sidehacks and mountain roads


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This will be my first ride tale on the board so please bear with me.

It has been a long time since Lili and I have had a day to just decompress.

We both thought that a day on the RT would be perfect.

The SoCal Intl Sidecar Rally was at Griffeth Park. It sounded like a good starting point.

We arrived at the park at about 10 AM and things were in full swing.


This was one of the first things to catch our eyes.

Lili now has an idea of what she wants for Xmas.


There was a little of everything there. All of them perfect eye candy


Even a couple of nice rigs from Lili's home country China.


And of course there were Beemers


All in all just about anything you could secure a sidecar to was represented.

Even the spectator parking area had everything from the ridiculous


To the sublime


After wandering around for a few hours,looking at bikes just wasn't cutting it anymore.

It was time to ride.


We chose, at first, to stay semi-local and Lili had never been on GMR, a local road through the foothills of the east San Gabriel Valley.

Not the most scenic of areas but it is a fun road at any pace. We were in no hurry.


Can you understand why?


We actually got to see some SoCal fall colors


Well after making the loop through the foothills we still weren't ready to head for the garage. We had a dinner appointment with friends.So we decided to go as we were.

We finished the afternoon slabbing it to Riverside,Ca. for a BBQ to die for.

Got home about 10PM. with out even a memory of any stress.

ps. Lili takes her oath of citizenship in about 2 weeks.

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