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Inoperative Cruise Control


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Before taking the bike in to the dealer was wondering if there was anything I could check out quickly.


The problem is no activation of cruise control when the set switch is set.


the red light comes on the handle bar - but the set light on the instrument panel does not light up.


Was going about 65mph in 6th, also tried other speeds and other gears to same effect.



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Mine does not "SET" sometimes. So I push the clutch handle out, and then it SETs OK. The switch in my clutch handle is very sensitive--it probably needs to be adjusted. In fact, if I ride over a jarring bump, my cruise control will come out of SET.

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I just turned on the bike and the opening boot up sequence shows the SET light to illuminate.


Will check clutch later and will also try setting cruise with foot away from brake.


Thanks for the suggestions

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The following diagnostic works for the late model RT cruise.


K 1200 LT/RS Cruise Control Final Check


NOTE: This test must be performed in the exact manner provided below! If the SET indicator in the instrument cluster does not change status (ON or OFF) as indicated in each step, that specific step is where the cruise control module is not receiving an input signal for proper operation. Refer to schematic below and K 1200 LT Wiring Diagram manual, page XIV.


1. With the ignition switch in the OFF position switch the cruise control switch to ON.


2. Press and hold the cruise control button in the SET position and turn the ignition switch to ON. The SET indicator in the cluster goes ON.


3. Release the button from SET position. SET Indicator in the cluster goes OFF.


4. Press and hold the cruise control button in the RESET position. SET indicator in the cluster goes ON.


5. Release button to the neutral position. SET indicator in the cluster goes OFF .


6. Switch the cruise control switch to OFF position. SET indicator in the cluster goes ON.


7. Switch the cruse control switch back to the ON position. SET indicator in the cluster goes OFF.


8. Gently twist throttle grip backward, past the closed throttle position and hold (slight detent felt from close throttle microswitch) SET indicator in cluster goes ON.


9. Release throttle grip. SET indicator in the cluster goes OFF.


10. Pull clutch lever in fully. SET Indicator in cluster goes ON.


11. Release clutch lever. SET indicator in cluster goes OFF.


12. Pull front brake lever. SET indicator in cluster goes ON.


13. Release front brake lever. SET indicator in cluster goes OFF.


14. Push brake pedal down, SET indicator in cluster goes ON immediately; continue to hold for 5 seconds; SET indicator in cluster goes OFF


15. Release brake pedal, SET indicator in cluster goes ON.


16. Rotate the rear wheel to generate a speed signal; SET indicator in cluster blinks Flashes ON and OFF.


Switch Ignition OFF, end of Test.


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Limecreek - awesome - thanks


Just printed out off to garage to test.



OK - did the test 3x and each time it failed on the same step, #16. I was able to spin the wheel to an indicated 5mph and no set light blinking.


I don't have the K1200LT wiring diagram so could you provide me with the information associated to a step 16 failure.






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Just did the same test on my 05 RT (Thanks Limecreek, I love stuff like this!) My test 'failed' step 16 too, but my cruise is working fine.


I suspect that the test may be different for an RT, as Limecreek's test is for a K bike...

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I have a theory, but am currently too lazy to test it (read: gear up and get the bike out of the garage). :grin:


After I did my test, I started the bike and put it in first gear on the center stand. Ran it up to about 20 mph to see if the brake failure light would quit flashing.


It didn't.


I wonder if Limecreek's test would work with the bike running, and once you actually ride the bike up to the speed when the light quits blinking, the SET light would in fact blink. Maybe the computer needs to see both wheels turning on an RT???


Edit: Got to thinking that maybe the front wheel sends the speed signal to the cruise on an RT. Jacked up the front of the bike, repeated the test and spun the front wheel for step 16. No luck, still no flashing SET.


Things that make you go Hmmmm... :eek:



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Thanks for the insight - the speed sensor on the RT is located in the final drive, the little connector on the inside of the FD



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Came back from the dealer - Cruise confirmed In Op.


On order for replacement is the full cruise switch on the left handle bar.


Interestingly enough there was a guy ahead of me with an 07 RT that his cruise would stop working (disengage) if he would bump up the speed with the SET switch.


Covered under warranty :thumbsup:

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My cruise control was In Op before I even picked up my 08RT. The service guy readying my RT for delivery ended up having to order a new switch assembly after discovering a pinched wire (in the switch assembly itself). It was like that out of the crate. The red set light would come on and at speed, it could actually engage if you jiggle the set button just right.

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