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scull caps


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I need a liner to put on my nearly bald head to wear under my full face helmet for two reasons..

1. I once had hair and my helmet is now looser than I would like.

2. I'm thinkin I could wash it when it gets really really stinky and it might keep my helmet from getting really really really stinky..

Any suggestions?

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I wear one under my helmet. Cheap $5.00 one I bought at the motorcycle store.


Definitely does both things you are looking for. My helmet was pretty nasty, and this seems to help keep sweat/crud out of the helmet.

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"it might keep my helmet from getting really really really stinky.."

And if this "stinky" happens, put your helmet in the dishwasher,with some dishwashing detergent and run the cycle. I do this also with my Dirt Bike helmets, where there is no way to keep them clean.


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I use ones by sweatvac, they have them at cycle gear online. Made of coolmax, they have a mesh top one for summer and a standard fro the rest of the year.

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Just how old is your helmet that now that you've lost your hair it is loose? Get a new Scorpion with the 'pump' and fit it to your pleasure.

Most newer helmets have removable padding that allows easier cleaning. If your's is a 1970 Bell, get a new one.

Head under wear...It's great. Silks are nice but I've used cotton head covers for years and feel real strange trying on a helmet without it. Difference is incredible.

Doo-Rags, for DORKS! That little tassel thing and the bow knot, definite DORK.

I'd imagine Dish washer deterge would eat the whooly wheck out of your helmet. Ever think about using your head shampoo? What got your helmet dirty but your head sweat? Wash your helmet with what you wash your head. Might cure the head lice too. Works for me! :dopeslap:

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Get a helmet with removable liner. I personally don't care for the added layer of something like a skull cap or silk, or whatever they call it.


I sweat like a pig anyway and summers here in north Texas are both hot and humid. My old RF800 and RF1000 each smelled bad. After 2 1/2 years the RF800 was so rank I couldn't stand to put it on my head, so I bought the RF1000. After a year and one summer it, too, smelled awful, but I had the good fortune of dropping it and busting the rear vent system which forced a replacement.


So, in April of 2006 I bought a Shoei X-11 which has a removable liner. I wash the liner a few times each summer. I use my normal shampoo over warm water at the kitchen sink, wash the liner and cheek pads with my hands and watch the nasty brown water go down the sink. Then I rinse and wash with shampoo again until I see clear water go down the sink. Finally, I rinse thoroughly and then leave them out on a towel to dry. After three full summers and ~30,000 miles the liner and cheek pads are in good condition, and I can detect no odor at all.


One thought about price. While the X-11 is significantly more expensive than the RF1000, cleaning the liners will add life to the helmet because the liner won't deteriorate as fast. That, and it doesn't stink. Given that I'll actually wear it for 5+ years it'll come out cheaper than buying a pair of RF1000 helmets over the same time. In the future I'll only buy helmets with removable liners.






Just how old is your helmet that now that you've lost your hair it is loose?

Had the same thought. If you bought that helmet with a full head of hair, and you've used it up to baldness, I'd think that it'd be a real old helmet by now. Unless, of course, there are other health issues leading to the hair loss.

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May be time for a new helmet... general guideline is every 5 years. Assorted minor drops and bumps, plus sweat, gas/garage fumes, heat, cold, break down the foam "crash padding."


Your current helmet may no longer protect your gray matter as well as it should.



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After trying millions of head coverings (well, a dozen anyway) I've settled with Sliks. I much prefer the silky nature of them, and they're proving very durable. My helmet stays nice and clean.


On hot days I soak it and it keeps me cool for a long time.


In the winter I tend to use an "Anti-freeze" balaclava on really cold days. But I don't have a windshield.


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I use the "Buffs" www.buffwear.com and "Hadwear" www.hadwear.com thingies. There are a couple other brands of these microfiber tubes as well.



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