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600 Mile Checkup completed on my R1200RT... some notes...


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I just had the 600 mile service completed on my R1200RT. The cost was $285.


After picking up the bike yesterday, the first thing I noticed was how MUCH SMOOTHER things were at 3-4k rpm... an absolutely amazing difference. The vibrations before the service were enough to notice, but not particularly annoying but AFTER the service... the reduction in vibration was drastic. I don't know exactly what caused the vibration reduction (I suspect that it was a synchronization issue) but I'm damn happy that things are smoother.


I was extremely happy with Victory BMW in Chandler Arizona. They provided me with printed sheets showing that no codes were being thrown after their service (a nice touch) and were very helpful (as always). I got to see their service area in the back and I was VERY impressed.... clean, orgainized, and very professional. I loved getting to see all the other bikes being worked on, very cool.


Anyway... the major takeaway from my 600 mile service (performed at 525 miles or so) is that the vibration reduction was amazing.



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Great to hear someone had a good dealer experience. After my 600 mile service, mine ran the same....very good. When a BMW is running right, they are amazing IMHO.

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If you like it at 600 miles just wait for 6000 miles. I noted on the way to Lima that the vib's were down. There is still a buzz at 4500 to 5000 in 6th gear butt I don't ride there very often.


Gotta wait now for a week to get it into the shop for the 6k inspection with 6600 miles on it. Oh well, that's what the PD is for.

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