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Throttle Meister question


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I bought a used throtlemeister at beemerville. I checked the part number and it should be correct for the R1100R (it was originally on an RT). Seller said it came from a bike with heated grips which the R1100R has. I followed the installation instructions but can't get it do do anything but stay in the "set on" position. Lossening the clamp screw and sliding the grip mechansim as far inboard as possible does not give me the "credit card" size clearance mentioned in the insturctions, it just binds. Rotating the control doesn't seem to change the brass insert. Did I get a bum unit? Can it be disassebled for cleaning? Am I doing something wrong in assembly? Any suggestions welcome.

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Check your install procedure;

When rotating the control fully clockwise the brass insert (cam) should be retracted. Mine doesn't retract all the way, but it works. Then rotate the control knob counterclockwise 1/8 turn, the brass cam should be exposed about the thickness of a credit card. Gently slide the control unit (grip) against that brass cam and lock it in place. Then release the throttlemeister and test.

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Blue Beemer Dude

If you rotate the outer end of the TM and it's not moving the insert, then yes, it sounds like you got a bum unit. Maybe someone didn't realize that it is backwards threaded, and stripped it?



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I'm not familiar with the units, so pardon any dumb questions.

Holding the unit in my hand unmounted, should I be able to see it move when rotated if I jamb my fingers inside the brass sleeve and rotate the outer shell?

If I mount it on the handlebar and rotate it, should there be stop in either direction or should it just continue to go around?


When I mount the stock end weight on the handle bar, I've got 1-2 mm of play that I can slide the grip mechanism back and forth on the bar when the clamp screw is loose. When I put the TM on, all play is gone and there's no way to introduce any play by rotating the TM in either direction. Is the movement of the brass sleeve obvious when you look at it? The brass on my unit is visible all the time and I can't tell if it's already at the end of retraction and can't go any more extended because there's no play in the grip.


The unit I've got came with two SS sleeves that look like inserts to fit inside the TM. Based on observation, I'm guessing they'd be used to take up some space in grips that aren't heated. My R1100R has unheated grips but I didn't get a chance to take off the end weight last night to compare. It looked like BMW put an extender at the end of the bar to provide some room for the connecting wires on the grips to move. I'm guessing that's not required on unheated grips and the TMs came with the insert sleeve to make up the difference between the two mounts, that correct?


I just spent a bit of time at the Throttlemeister web site. I may have been given a bum steer on heated grip compatabilty. R&RT seem the same for non-heated units but the R has a 25mm SHCS while the RT has a 20mm SHCS. That 5 mil would account for the jambing - anybody know what SHCS stands for?


thanks a bunch

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skinny_tom (aka boney)

I was unable to adjust my new throttlemeister without first attaching it firmly to something (like the handlebars.) If the brass sleeve is out, loosen the right grip, attach the meister, then turn the TM so the top moves forward, like you're closing the throttle. When you do this, the brass sleeve should move in. If it doesn't, turn it the other way and see if the sleeve moves out. If it seems to work properly, but the sleeve does not go all the way in, don't fret... Try this:


The idea is, when set up properly, that the TM will not interfere with proper throttle movement when the grips are at their hottest. So before you move the grip back to the proper place, turn the TM so that the sleeve sticks out about 1/16 of an inch further than all the way "off". Turn on your grip heaters and get 'em nice and hot, then slide it over until they touch, and tighten the grip. You should be able to still turn the TM so that it interferes with the throttle and holds it open, and you should be able to turn it all the way off, so that there is no contact between the sleeve and the throttle.


If the TM appears to work, but you can't get enough clearance to keep it from interfering, then go to the hardware store and buy some thin, but proper size stainless washers to put between the TM and the bars. Then add one at a time until you get it dialed in just right. Then take it off and reattach using locktite.

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skinny_tom (aka boney)

The unit I've got came with two SS sleeves that look like inserts to fit inside the TM. Based on observation, I'm guessing they'd be used to take up some space in grips that aren't heated.


Is your TM wider that the stock bar end? I have the heavy TM and it is about 1/4 inch wider than stock. You may need to install those stainless sleeves between the TM and the bar to get proper clearance.

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