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Source for fairing screw washers


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Took my left fairing off yesterday to do some exploring in prep for my first valve adjustment and noticed that some of the fairing screws had washers and others didn't. I'm assuming that they should all have the washer. Is there a good source for these at a reasonable price?




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A while back Michael Bird did a huge bulk order of stainless steel screws for the tupperware, and here's his source:

The site is http://www.boltdepot.com/ and the screws

are Metric socket button head... I'm pretty sure

(I'd have to check to be sure) that 5mm X .8 are the

size that you'll need, you just select the lengths.



Since his kits came with the stainless steel washers, I guess he got them there.


You should also look at your tupperware -- sometime the washers get stuck in the plastic and don't fall off with the bolt!


I know I'm not really answering your question, but it might help...




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Thanks Jan,


That just might be an option! The black on mine is looking shabby anyway. And you are right, I did find some washers stuck to the plastic, just not all. How do get in touch with Michael on his kits?





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Les is more

I wouldn't think you would want steel washers against the tupperware. I got nylon washers for mine at a local industrial hardware supply (extremely inexpensive!). You can come up with sources by doing an internet search for "nylon washers" if you don't have a local store.

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I just got a bunch of SS screws and bolts from these guys:


They have the nylon washers in either black or "clear" (I ordered the latter because I thought it looked better on a silver bike).


Great quality parts, great service, and easy to order off their web site. Can order pre-made packages, or anything separately. Knowledgeable over the phone.


2 things to know about their hardware (especially the screws for the tupperware):

1) Screw heads are a little smaller than OEM BMW; and

2) Lead in is flat like a standard machine screw, and does not have the pointed tip like OEM BMW.


With that said, however, I had no issues with this upgrade to the bike.


Oh, and no affiliation, etc. Just a satisfied customer.



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Blue Beemer Dude
How do get in touch with Michael on his kits?




I just did the kits as a one-time thing to help out my fellow list members. I ordered several thousand bolts and washers and got a decent quantity discount. I'm not going to do it again, but you can certainly order whatever you need from bolt depot and they'll take care of you.



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