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Summer pants?


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OK it's hot in Ohio. Just got back from the Lima rally. I need a cool pair of airflow pants. Need your help before spending the cash. My question is simple. What is the coolest pants that offer some good protection? Where do I get the best price?

Thanks for the help

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I ride in the bmw summer pants in the Chicago area. Temps get very hot and these pants do a great job. They have zip

off bottoms above the knee area. They are not exactly mesh

but they are very protective if you should go down. They have removable knee armour and a mesh material in the butt

area which keeps me more comfotable than jeans. a little

pricey at $179 but after machine washing they look brand new. I have always had good results with their clothing




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Larry...guess what??? It's friggen hot everywhere frown.gif even here in So. Cal by the beach it was 94 in my shop last week and I'm only 3mi. from the beach.


I just got one of these and so far for the price I like it alot. Vendor located Here tm_gxair_jkt_red_lg.jpg


They offer matching pants that zip together that I'm thinking of getting too. Located Here


There's others who use many different products but I've been pleased so far with the Tour Master line.

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I just took my first trip with a new BMW Venting Machine pants and jacket. They're great - well made, best protection I've seen in mesh grear, and very comfortable. I fel a lot more protected than I did in my FirstGear mesh. The BMW gear is expensive, but after 5 years in a four-season BMW Kalahari suit, I'm convinced that it's worth the extra money.

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Savanna 2 pants have worked OK so far for me. The knee armor is a pain to get to stay where it is suppose to be, but other than that It is well made. I like it. The jacket is a little hot for some of the areas I have traveled through though. After 85 it gets hot unless you are moving. At least on the RT anyway. I think I will look into the BMW venting stuff.

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Scott...I agree with you on the BMW line of apparel for sure. My wife and I both have the Rally suit along with Aerostich Roadcrafters one piece. I/we are much more comfortable in the Rally suit for sure. thumbsup.gif But....and this is important now....stand back and grab a hold on yer self....



......they (BMW) don't offer their vented stuff in RED grin.gif

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I had the opportunity of meeting with a guy from Motoport (www.motoport.com). Fortunately for me they're in San Diego county so I was able to speak to Wayne in person. He explained the advantages of kevlar fabric. He also took the time to explain the dangers of polyester based fabrics: they MELT. Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff that's advertised as protective gear falls in this category. I suggest going to their website and checking out the section called Saving your hide. After spending twenty minutes with Wayne, I realized the motorcycle apparel marketplace is truly Buyer Beware.

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I had the Motoport jacket you are talking about & have met Wayne in person. Nice guy, and fantastic material they use. Good armor & a bargain at the quality of build. Buttttt, Ant there is always a butt. They just could not get the fit correct for me & charged for each adjustment. It was the the fact that it was their mistake, not mine. I sold it to a person that it fit better. So, you are right, Buyer Beware!

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I have the Joe Rocket mesh pants and like them a lot. Very comfortable. I tried on a number of other brands before I bought these and these were the best of any I tried. The only downside is they only come in black, which doesn't make a lot of sense for a hot weather pant? Otherwise they're terrific. I think I paid $129.00 at Chaparral in San Bernardino.

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I have Firstgear mesh pants. They fit well and let lots of air through. The pants are very comfortable. They don't flap or ride up. I like the feel of the fabric too. The Firstgear is probably lower on the protection scale than BMW gear. BMW has a new mesh suit called the "Venting Machine". I haven't seen it yet tho. Might be a good option.

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Pete Bansen

Another vote for the BMW Summer pants. If I were buying them again, I would buy the tan ones instead of black. I also have a pair of Triumph mesh pants which are very nicely designed and made; CE armor, good fit, zip to the Triumph mesh jacket - the model is Raptor, IIRC.

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Related question about summer pants:


My Aerostich Darien pants have zippers from ankle to hip, and therefore it is easy to doff and don them while wearing bulky motorcycle boots. But it's too hot for them now.


I tried on the BMW pants at a local motorcycle shop, but couldn't get them on over my boots, so they're out. frown.gif


These pants seem to have reasonably long zippers in the legs. Anybody have experience with taking them off while wearing your boots?:


Joe Rocket










Any others?






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Tried the Joe Rocket Phoenix....Seemed to let air through but were still hot. On a trip, we got REALLY hot and had to stop- luckily at a BMW shop. They had the BMW Summer pants in tan and my size!


I tried them on. Looks more like standard pants. Nice fit. First thing I noticed is that they felt way cooler than the Phoenix. This didn't make since- BMW has no vents and the Phoenix ia all vent.


Went out into parking lot where it was 97+. They felt way cooler than Phoenix.???? What's going on?


Finally figured it had to be the light color. The light tan reflects the sun's heat. SOLD!!! We've been riding them for two years now and will try to only buy light colors for summer.


By the way, we did the same for gloves. Marsee makes a light tan summer glove that is very comfortable and cooler than gloves with way more vents. Color is everything.!!

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