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TB Synch -- Need help from the experts


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I'm struggling to achieve throttle body synch perfection. Had it, lost it, now in search of it again. Here's the deal:


What I've read:

- As much of the wisdom on the board already

- The 9/23/03 version of "Oilhead Throttle Body Synching for Dummies" by JohnJen, Javarilla, and Marc

- Other version of TBS instructions as well


What I have:

- Twinmax (with a new battery)

- Valves spot on

- Relatively new plugs

- Techlusion 259

- 03 RT with 6,300 miles


I achieved nirvana a month ago, finally getting around to doing my own TBS and performing a tweak of the pot settings on the Techlusion (to the recommended baseline settings). A smooth, surge-free boxer.


While the bike was in for a flushing of the DOT 4 hydraulics (sorry, I'm a weenie and am not ready to take on the ABS control circuit bleed), the dealer did a TBS synch. Not sure what they changed but, as I understand it, they've got a way of doing it using the diagnostic computer.


Ever since that work by the dealer, some surging is back. I've messed with the TBS twice since but haven't gotten that perfection I once had.


Some additional information

- Removed both brass bypass screws to clean the tips. Before doing so, I seated each to have a reference point when screwing them back in. They're about 1 1/8 turns out, each.

- The current idle sits at about 1,000 rpm.

- I follow all the Twinmax setting/calibration procedures.


I haven't gone back to the dealer because it's a real shlep and I'm doggedly determined to figure this out myself. Any help is appreciated.

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Gary, I have an alternative procedure for TB sync. More involved, but (IMHO) better results. PM me if you want it.

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