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Board computer : Fuel


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i try to understand how the autonomy is calculated by the BC.

- The tank is given for 27 liters,

- My average consuption is 5 liters per 100km

- After 400 kms (means 20 liters), the BC says '30kms left'

=> either the BC is completely false,

or the 4 liters given as 'reserve' is not used at all for the BC calculation


Any info on that ?


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I have a similar issue. For most of the tank's life, it shows a range of 300 - 330 miles (miles elapsed + miles to go). By 270 - 280 miles, it is showing 0 miles left and takes a maximum of 23.5 litres (patiently filling it to the brim).


Is the tank really 27 litres or is the BC very pessimistic (I suspect the latter)? Why isn't the range fairly constant? - the last 80 miles to go vanish so quickly it makes the information fairly useless. The 1200GS was much more consistent and accurate.



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I was told that evernthing on the R1200RT can be controlled by computer. The dealer can actually set when your fuel gauge warning will come on. Talk to them about it. I would rather it be on the conservative side if you ask me. If I have to fill up every 300 miles instead of 375 so be it. I never want to run out of gas.

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