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Autocom Help with In-ear Speakers


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My daughter has just got her custom moulded earplugs with speakers. The speakers are the newest offering from EAR via Green Leopard. Literally the first set in the country.

The problem however is that the volume for her is WAY too loud. I've had to turn all the volumes down to minimum and it's still loud.

They are connected to an Autocom Active 7 system with part number 26. I use normal autocom helmet speakers, I can't get on with in-ear ones. The leaflet in the box (part 26) mentions changing two resistors in the plastic box that is part of the lead.

I phoned Autocom and was told you'll have to contact Green Leopard, we don't recommend THEM. The guy seemed very unwilling to help. (This is the second time I've been disappointed by them)

Does anyone have any experience of this problem or is anyone able to give me a clue to the value of the resistors that might be needed. I'm trying to get this sorted out quickly as we're going on holiday soon.

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John Ranalletta

Mark, get a volume control from Radio Shack for a couple of bucks. It'll go between the part 26 and the earplug unit. She can set the volume as she wishes.


Gold-Plated Volume Control Cable for Stereo Headphones


$6.59 Brand: RadioShack

Catalog #: 42-2559 Model: 42-2559






I use one between my Autocom PRO M-1 and my XM radio.

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There are a set of resistors inside the part 26 box where the cable from the in-ear speakers connect. You may change them to higher values to reduce the volume.

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Hi Ed,

That is what the leaflet seems to say, but I need to find some clue to the resistor values needed. I even have to have the stereo low as "4", which means I can't hear it. The 2610, I had to turn the speech down to one AND turn the alert tone off. (I can't hear it). Don't even mention speech. Normal speech has her hands trying to cover her ears.

If I want a quarter of the volume do I need four times the resistance? his is going to spoil the holiday if we can't sort it.

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I would go up in small steps, resistors are cheap (buy them from maplins), so I would buy two of each value up to about x4. Start ax approx x2 and see how that goes, then move up or down from there as seems suitable.


Cya, Andy

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What John R. said. Donna has been using the little Radio Shack gizmo between her earbuds and part #26 for a couple of years. Easy, adjustable, cheap.

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You are only up the road from the Autocom factory, so if you have time come and see me and I will tune them exactly to your needs



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Is this a common experience for those of you who have part 26? I just got mine - haven't tested it yet - and want to get a feel if this normal. Thx.

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It all depends on the impedance of your in-ear speakers. Judging by my experience with Eytomotic EB-6's the resistors are just about right. If you have EB-6i's with their higher impedance, the sound will be too loud. The headphone volume control is one solution, changing the internal resistors is another. I prefer to keep the output level from my stereo devices in the medium range to avoid distortion and damage to my hearing. You are going to have to try with your helmet and your bike and your speakers to know for sure.

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