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New Surging


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Hi Guy's


About 2 weeks ago I noticed my 2K RT (33K miles) began to surge a little more than normal. I thought it might be gas related so I filled up at another station. I had also just changed oil and filled her up to the brim. So with the new fill-up I went home and corrected the oil level and removed the oil from the air cleaner reservior. Things got better. I then filled up again from the suspect gas station and the problem returned. The next several tanks have been from the good station and I still seem to have a little more surging that normal.


So what do you all think? Air filter looks good and the gas filter was dealer changed at the 24K major service.


Help ..... confused.gif



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What does a guy gotta do to get a response around here?

No I'm not picking up that bar of soap.


Is it time for the Autolites?

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Did ya try the Eye-talian tune up yet ? Go run the snot out of it for a bit and see how it runs after that.



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Ken - how many miles since your last TB synch and valve adjust (and plug change)? Could it be time for a little wrenching?


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If, in fact, there was water in the bad gas, you could have easily partially clogged your fuel filter. The filter is constructed to pass gas (pardon the play on words) but not water. Once in there, there is no way to get it out and it will reduce flow. This could explain a slight increase in surge.


Caution: The following step will cause the throttle to remain in whatever position you place it, you will no longer have spring return. Improper operation of the bike in this configuration could cause injury or death. Take this advise entirely at your own risk.


You might also try a 320 sized O=ring between your bar end weight and the throttle and see if that smooths things out. If it does, you are gripping the throttle too tightly.

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Blue Beemer Dude

I'm with Steve - valves and TBS. And since you know you got some bad gas, I'd drain and clean the tank and replace the fuel filter. And get some good gas.



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Ken I am also the proud owner of a 2002 RT. I don't know how long you have been riding yours, but the things have good days and bad. BMW just has the things running so lean that minor changes in gas quality, humidity, temperature, gas grade, how you ride it, plugs, etc., etc., make the bike feel different day to day. Don't go looking for a problem that doesn't exist. Mine rarely feels exactly the same day to day. I can't say that it has anything to do with TBS since mine hasn't changed in 20K. Same for the valves. I don't think the motronic is as good as we may believe, and the fuel maps suck no matter what CCP configuration you use. Ride the bike until it needs regular service, unless you thiink you have a real problem smirk.gif


P.S. I did stop running 91 octane gas. After a while on 89 the bike started to run a bit better. Idled better as you might guess. Also, I think it just produced more heat and less carbon. Pinged less on 89 after a couple weeks as well.

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I've got 26K on my 04 and I've noticed some minor surge and some poping in the exhaust under decel. I'm chalking it up to tune up need. I just ran the snot out of this baby on the "Dragon" and Cherohola Parktway.

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