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Clutch fluid level


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I've just had the 6k service done on my '04 R1150RT - should I expect them to have checked the clutch fluid level? The reason for asking is that I've just noticed it is on minimum (just on or just above, depending on whether the bike is rocked forward or back on the centre stand). Should have noticed this before but surely the service should have oicked this up?? The handbook suggests that falling fluid level is indicative of a clutch problem.



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They probably should have added a dribble, but remember, on a clutch the level in the reservoir goes up as the clutch plates wear, not down. So a bit low is better than too high.


On the other hand if the level goes down over time you have a leak. I'd say watch it for a few 1000 miles. If it doesn't change, you are OK.

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